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When a customer contacts us about a flat roof problem this is the general process:

Attend to property, Gain access to the leaking roof.

Take digital photos of the roof defects.

Consult with customer or insurance company about flat roof repairs needed.

Carry out temporary repairs or permanent repairs as directed.

Submit full report to customer as to what findings were, and what repair work we undertook.
Either Email or send roof report to customer, including reference photos.
It is normal but not essential to repair a leaking flat roof using the same materials as those originally used.
However if your flat roof is an old lead or zinc roof, and isn't visible from the house, using the same materials for the repair is an unnecessary expense.
In this case we would normally repair it by patching the leak using Torch on felt or liquid rubber.
Both these products will last between 10 and 20 years, and if it's an old flat roof they'll probably outlive the roof itself.

If you have acquired a flat roof when you purchased your property and there wasn't any ongoing guarantee, you would have no recourse to the flat roof installer.

The top reasons why a flat roof leaks are: Bad design -
Not having an adequate fall on the roof or adequate outlets for water to drain from the roof.
Bad workmanship -
The roof covering not being installed to the manufacturer's specifications.

Settlement - The roof holds water because the timbers supporting it have sagged and now allow water to pond on the roof.

Lack of maintenance - Solar-reflective stones or paint haven't been applied regularly to prevent the sun from blistering and splitting the surface.

Puncturing - People walking and working on the roof without taking care.Poorly installed flashings

Flashings not dressed to the surrounding walls correctly or incorrect use of flashing materials, such as lead not being used correctly.

Our aim is to provide fast, efficient, guaranteed flat roof repairs with minimum disruption.
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